Aaron’s Mentorship

Welcome to AWD (Aaron Wan Division), the real estate team under PropNex Realty Pte Ltd in Singapore. We are a dynamic and fast-growing team of real estate agents who are committed to excellence in everything we do. If you are a motivated and ambitious individual who is passionate about real estate, we invite you to join our team and become a part of our success story.

At AWD, we pride ourselves on providing our agents with the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed in the highly competitive Singapore real estate market. We offer a collaborative and inclusive team culture that encourages innovation, creativity, and growth.

As an AWD agent, you will have access to a wide range of training and development opportunities, including workshops, seminars, and mentoring programs. We believe in investing in our agents and providing them with the tools they need to succeed.

At AWD, we’re more than just a team – we’re a family. We believe that a strong sense of community, support, and belonging is essential to our success and happiness, both in and out of the workplace. One of the ways we nurture our family culture is through quarterly bonding sessions. These sessions are a time for us to come together, build relationships, and have fun. We believe that these sessions help us create a positive and inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

Whether you’re a new agent looking for a supportive team to join, or an experienced agent seeking a new challenge and a great culture, AWD is the place for you. We’re committed to creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, appreciated, and part of our family.

If you are ready to take your real estate career to the next level, join AWD and become a part of our success story. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you achieve your professional goals.

Agent Testimonials

Coming from a corporate background, the initial transition to becoming a self-employed is always going to be challenging. The biggest challenge would be creating a daily work routine, filling your day with activities and most importantly, persisting with this routine so that your time is fully utilised for real estate work.

As a brand new RES in AWD, I have benefitted greatly from Aaron’s One to One close mentorship and guidance. The team is also a closely knitted community whereby you can expect selfless and motivated teammates, constantly encouraging one another to do well.

Lim Li Jia

Super Platinum Achiever in 2019 & 2021, Platinum Achiever in 2021, Top Producer 2020-2022

There are many challenges we face everyday as an agent. As an introvert, the biggest challenge I face is how am I able to open myself up to take initiative to speak and blend with other team mates in my division. Aaron is a very encouraging leader. Not only was he patience, he also took the lead to introduce me and help me blend well into the division. He came out with work and leisure initiative that bring all of us together.

Together with my wife, we are constantly the top 10 achievers in AWD for the past few years, and we give full credits to the division.

If you are looking for an energetic team, a team that you are able to work hand in hand, a team that has a framework that you are able to leverage on and excel in, explore AWD.

Jordan Tay

Platinum Achiever in 2019-2022, Top Producer 2021-2022

The continuous follow up and the rejection of clients sometime can be quite disappointing. Some clients might even choose to ignore us totally.

AWD is like a community where we can ask anyone any questions we have and people will help us. It provided us a cosy office space and trainings for us to stay updated to the market. Come join us so that we can learn together from the consistent millionaire achiever leader himself!

Teng Hui Li

Platinum Achiever in 2019-2022, Top Producer 2021-2022

As agent we never lack the products to recommend to clients, the challenges is always where my clients are? I started out with no network and sales, work hard and persistence walk through the hard times.

Boss Aaron was open to sharing and teaching of methodology to connect with clients. AWD, we curate you to be independent and problem solving salesperson that one can confidently deal with any situation on the ground without going around asking for a solution.

Jimmy Wang

Super Platinum Achiever in 2022, Platinum Achiever in 2022, Top Producer 2022

As a new RES, we might feel lost and unsure what to do, especially with the drastic up and down of income.

AWD is a closely knitted family and has helped me to stay focus and achieve what I want in life. Right now, I have clear direction and being discipline in my real estate career.

Shawn Tan

Top 4 Landed Transactor in 2020, Platinum Achiever in 2020-2022, Top Producer 2020-2022

As a new agent, be prepared for a big learning curve at the start.

AWD has equipped me with many problem solving skills that most agents in the industry are not aware about. This has help me solve many of my client’s difficulties and helped them progress and grow their net worth.

Other should join AWD to experience and see how the industry leaders work & learn from them directly. Hugely reducing the steep learning curve at the start which will propel their career within a shorter period of time.

Clement Chew

Gold Achiever in 2019, Super Gold Achiever in 2021 & 2022, Platinum Achiever in 2022

As an experienced agent and leader with 14 years in this industry, I have also experienced ups and downs along the way. One common challenge is the constant need to get new listings and leads when existing ones run out.

When I brought my team over to AWD in July 2021, I received a break through in my personal sales within 3 months and clocked 2 Platinum Awards in PropNex in September and October 2021. The team synergy within AWD, alignment of PropNex and KNA leaders and also the amazing trainings and sharing have helped me and my team greatly. More importantly, I feel at home and happy to build not only my own sales, but also my team within AWD umbrella.

Jodia Tay

Platinum Achiever in 2021 & 2022, Top Producer 2022

It’s a blessing to be under the mentorship of a millionaire producer. Whether it’s AWD 28 Master class, regular training sessions , project workshops or Wan to one mentorship, Aaron has helped me to hone my skills , build my confidence and achieve success in my career.

I especially love my teammates, the team culture and good vibes here . The quarterly team bonding activity really brings all of us together like a family . As the saying goes “Family that plays together stays together”

Karen Lim

Top 5 Private Property Transactor in 2019, Top 5 Recruiter in 2020, Platinum Achiever in 2019-2022, Top Producer 2019-2022

As a Real Estate Agent, apart from the difficulties from the professional aspects of the job, the main difficulty from the business’ perspective is product differentiation – To be able to create a unique identity and value proposition for your clients to wish to work with you. Overcoming the inertia at the beginning is always the most difficult for most agents.

AWD has helped by providing training and systems on how to productively rationalise these mental blocks and create solutions. Aaron’s foresight is typically spot on, a true testament to his perspicacity and wisdom as a leader.

AWD provides tailored & personalised advice and training to each individual agent.

Bryan Ng

Gold Achiever in 2022, PropNex Gen Top Achiever

I feel that is a challenge when I first started out for my real estate journey, of not knowing how to approach the client with the limited knowledge I have. Lowest point is when I start to wonder if this industry suits me.

Aaron’s guidance has helped me tremendously, I have achieved an earning that I have never imagine I would. He has taught me how to be discipline with my daily works, culture a good mindset that will bring us far in this competitive industry.

AWD has a loving family culture where everyone is very helpful and willing to share. AWD also has its unique system and training which help us to be better equipped with knowledge so we can serve our client efficiently.

Evonne Seow

Platinum Achiever in 2022, Gold Achiever in 2022, PropNex Gen Top Achiever

Entering entirely new into the industry was uncharted waters but being an entrepreneur previously I understood that I have to be uncomfortable to be comfortable. There’s a lot to catch up on in a short amount of time I set myself in order to level the playing field in this highly competitive industry both in experience and knowledge.

Aaron’s wealth of experience and passion for the real estate industry coupled with selfless sharing culture within AWD allowed me to get up to speed quickly and cut short my learning journey.

Joining Aaron and AWD means more than just growing your real estate career but also developing your personal self.

Ana Ng

Super Platinum Achiever in 2022, Top 3 Landed Property Transactor in 2022, Top 4 HDB Transactor in 2022, Top Rookie in 2023

No sales will definitely be the biggest challenge. Because you are self employed, no sales means no salary. And its co-related to not being productive. Because if you are productive, it means that you have work in progress. It’s normal to be “lazy” on days, but at times you get “too lazy” and its a challenge to overcome it. Lacking of creative methods – every other agent tells you the same thing, but its how I can stand out from every other agent that my clients meet and why they should choose me.

First year in real estate. It was also a blessing in disguise. I joined in 2020, when covid hit. It was the year of uncertainties, the year of learning. It was also my lowest point, because I was not doing much sales due to the covid measures. But also a good year for me to learn the ropes of the business. I am currently working towards team building and also to breakthrough even further. 2022 was the year where I hit my targets and achieved.

Aaron Wan Division is like a family. Endless sharing with one and another. Aaron Wan himself will always be there, regardless of what kind of problems I face at work, he will always be there to help. In the unlikely case where Aaron is no available, the team will be there to help. If you are looking for a team where you can grow in terms of sales and personal growth, AWD should be the place you explore. Where we work & play and grow together!

Regine Yow

 Titanium Achiever in 2022, Top 1 Project Sales Transactor in 2022, PropNex Gen Top Achiever

In AWD, a helping hand is always just a phone call away. With a willing heart.

I joined AWD in 2019. I noticed the friendliness and sincerity from the beginning.

AWD agents honestly love hanging out over meals and sharing life. Encouraging one another and spurring each other.

Covid did not seem to dampen the spirit of my AWD colleagues. Yes, Covid made things more challenging but it wasn’t a dead end, just another hurdle to overcome along the journey.

One of the things I have truly appreciated is that Boss Aaron and the top producers (like Grace, Azhar) were never ever too busy to help. They always helped. With a smile. Patient. Thorough. Despite their busy schedules.

For that, I am truly grateful.

David ECD

Platinum Achiever in 2022, Top Transactor in 2022

When I was looking for a change from my previous agency, I met up with Aaron and was immediately impressed by what joining AWD has to offer. Despite his success, Aaron is very grounded and down to earth. I could see his clear passion for the property market and he is very willing to share his time, knowledge and success methods with everyone in the division, be it via meticulously planned weekly training program, regular get together events and one to one sessions which we can reach out to him anytime.

While I have more than 10 years of experience as a real estate agent, I will admit that time management is not my strongest suit and I often find myself being overwhelmed by the deluge of information out there. With AWD, I have access to updated list of trusted vendors (videographers, social media specialists etc), bankers, lawyers and this truly help in my day to day operations. Aaron and his team painstakingly compute and send out weekly market sales updates and balance post launch inventories which is presented in a clear manner.

Real estate can also be very lonely profession. AWD provides a big caring and sharing environment where I truly feel at home with. In the past one year with AWD, I have seen my commission earnings increase by about 50%.

Ella Chang

Top Producer in 2014-2018

Watch how Aaron had strived to work hard for himself and motivate others to their achievements with his strong leadership and guidance.

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