Hi, I'm Aaron.

I help real estate agents like you double or triple sales while working less.


If you are a real estate agent who is open to new ideas, have the drive to achieve results, wants to make the breakthrough in your career or want to build a strong team, read on...

Or even if you just feel stuck, sales getting stagnant or you need guidance on how to improve


Do you face these problems?

Feels that the market is slow or not moving and you struggle to improve sales


Lonely, helpless, no motivation due to a lack of support from your team and leaders


Don't have a system to consistently generate high quality potential buyers or sellers


Have to pay for expensive training that only "bonds" you with the company but doesn't help in your results


Joining the showflat core team, burning weekends queuing to serve walk-ins that doesn't translate into sales


Have a hard time or taking too long trying to convince people to make the transaction with you

I can help you.

I've achieved a million dollar sales commission within 3 months...

And I want to help you do the same using my unique system

What some of my team members have to say

What I appreciate the most is Aaron’s selflessness in giving his time to mentor me. Although he has his own sales to handle, he has put in the effort to call or meet up with me 1 to 1 almost daily to discuss situations I’m facing and provide emotional support. I’m grateful that he never makes me feel abandoned and his advice is always on point!
As a direct result of Aaron’s intensive personal guidance, I was able to DOUBLE my annual income in less than 2 months of joining his team – and I believe this is just the beginning of a better and brighter chapter in my real estate career.”

Doubled my annual income

Grace Cheong - 9 years experience

1 to 1 guidance

He is very proactive, and we have all seen his eagerness to excel quickly in the real estate industry. It’s safe to say that he has already proven his capabilities, yet he is striving to achieve even more. So it feels good to join a leader like that, as it motivates me to want to achieve more as well.

Aaron has been giving me 1 to 1 guidance on how to handle tough clients, and this has benefited me a lot in situations involving both my clients and prospects. He has also been instrumental in helping me set up appointments with my cold market leads from Facebook – previously I wasn’t able to set up meetings despite getting a lot of leads.

Francis Sim - 15 years experience

Applicable and useful

Aaron is a young and passionate leader. He is a good role model for me not just as an agent, but also when I recruit my own team in the near future.

His leadership style is not dictatorial and top-down, in the sense that he does not enforce his way of doing things. Instead, he guides us in prospecting and closing techniques that are tailored to suit our individual personalities and strengths. This alone has been very different from what I experienced in my previous company.

 Aaron is also very willing to give his time to us for personal coaching. Despite having to communicate with each of us 1 to 1, he still has enough time and motivation for his own sales. This makes his guidance even more applicable and useful, because he is constantly on the ground just like us!

Gunahety Goh - 10 years experience

Why I want to help you

Being able to make a million dollars myself is not as fulfilling as helping others make their million

I want to help my associates grow their careers to a higher level and do better together

We have a strong family culture that focus on giving back and helping the team achieve more 

I aspire to grow a strong team of successful real estate professionals that lasts 

What you can expect

Learn my strategies that I used to achieve over 6 figures commissions every single month

Free training every week plus 1 to 1 mentoring with me to guide you every step of the way

Learn a proven system that maximizes sales and allow you to work less (but smart)

I'll personally help design a master plan to help you achieve your sales target easily

Everyday counts. Let me know if you are ready to take the next step.

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I bought my first investment property when I was 23 years old and have been featured on multiple publications ever since.

I also regularly hold free training to fulfill my passion of helping more real estate professionals achieve breakthroughs in their career

I consistently cross 6 figures commissions every month and just recently over $400,000 in a month during November 2017

Today, I lead and guide a team of award-winning real estate professionals at PropNex Powerful Negotiators Group the largest real estate team in Singapore

Helps my team and I

As a team leader on top of being an agent, my No. 1 priority is to provide my team with a positive and supportive environment to learn and excel. Powerful Negotiators already has an excellent systematic training platform that my team and I can attend again and again to constantly refresh our knowledge and stay updated with industry trends.

Aaron’s 1 to 1 guidance further helps my team and I to apply this knowledge to our current clients and prospects, as well as tailor what we have learnt to our individual strengths. Everyone in the team is striving towards similar goals – this mindset, coupled with higher incentives for both agents and team leaders as compared to other companies, is extremely motivating for us to work hard and achieve all our goals together!

Theone Yan – 7 years experience

Multiplied 6x annual income

Aaron is a young and innovative leader who has lots of ideas about prospecting, sales and many other essential aspects needed to excel in a real estate career like he has done.

He is 110% committed that everyone in his team benefits from his guidance, and what impressed me the most was when he put in the time and effort to give me advice on my deals even BEFORE I decided to join his team.

Such openness and willingness to teach is extrapolated to other Powerful Negotiators leaders as well, whose trainings have given me new insights on market direction, how to manage clients, what agents should focus on etc – most of which I applied to my deals almost immediately.

I have benefitted a lot from Aaron’s mentorship and joining a team with such a vibrant culture. Now I can’t wait to see what’s next for me in my real estate career.

Michelle Chew – 18 years experience

$10K commission within 1 week

Before joining Aaron’s team, it felt as though I was working only part-time in my real estate career, because my amount of prospecting and sales activities was so-so.

It was only in the past month since joining Aaron’s team that my career has now truly begun to take flight.

For starters, Aaron guided me closely on a deal with a warm lead – he advised me on the pros and cons of certain decisions I could make, as well as walked me through overcoming various objections.

Thanks to Aaron, I was able to close the deal within 1 week with a $10k commission! Now I’m definitely more determined and confident to close more deals with Aaron’s support and mentorship through the steep learning curve.

Selena Tan – 4 years experience