Believes that a strong foundation is the key to a successful future in this real estate business. His exemplary knowledge and belief in Restructuring & Asset Progression is the foothold that helps many team members and consumers in making the right investment decisions. With the current market scenario and statistics, foresees a high demand for properties and hence a high possibility in growing wealth through asset progression and restructuring.


Aspires to grow together by connecting and being in sync with his team’s vision to progress. It is therefore important for NEW Real Estate Salespersons (RES) or Experienced agents and even consumers to gain adequate knowledge and learn significantly



Creating a trust and honest opinion to team members and customers


Provide up to date information to guide and help those seeking for financial help, retirement plans or profits to help families on overcoming difficulties.


how the rapidly changing property market operates and how the property agents must be swift to adapt to the changing environment with the right strategy.


Credibility through understanding, knowledge, and experience. To analyze the customer’s problem and offer an adequate solution.


Efficiency guides his team to leverage on various traditional and digital marketing for effectively fulfilling clients marketing needs and enabling an efficient work module.

One-to-One approach

One-to-One sessions with his team to help them overcome challenging obstacles, enhance sales skills, share knowledge and experience.


Big network opportunities

With the PNG family numbering close to 8500, the opportunities to leverage on the network are massive

Systematic training platform

With PNG’s family like culture, new teammates can assimilate comfortably and with the knowledge that their team.

Trust as the culture in PNG

Through the training and sharing sessions, the next generation of champion salespersons and great leaders are nurtured.

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